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The Leprechaun Spa

The past two days we have been working non-stop on St. Patrick’s Day Decorations! It seemed as soon as Valentine’s Day was over, we were searching for all kinds of decor for an environment for the Leprechauns. Charleigh’s been very concerned that a Leprechaun Trap is just mean and sounds unkind… Therefore, we are creating the first ever Leprechaun Spa! Her rationale behind this concept is that if the Leprechauns have somewhere to relax and do some self-care, they will be less likely to cause mischief and play tricks on others.

The Irish Fairies who visit Charleigh’s Leprechaun Spa will enjoy: a relaxation bed, a hot tub, a meditation and yoga station, puppy dogs, fresh flowers and an organic menu. There will be an arts and crafts table with glitter and glitter glue, jewels and confetti (basically, every parents nightmare home crafting station).  There will also be a prayer station and if needed, Charleigh will be available to facilitate confession (thank you St. Anselm School for educating her on this though I’m not 100% sure she understand what it means?!).

I will continue to post pictures of the progress of the Leprechaun Spa! It sure is a fun adventure to be on with my daughter and her creative imagination!

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