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Walk Trot 2016

Today wrapped up Charleigh’s first ever Walk/Trot class! After driving up to Rancho Murietta for the Winter Northern Classic on Thursday, having lessons every day, she finally had her 10 minutes to shine this afternoon. I’m one proud mom right now. The dedication Charleigh has shown to this sport at such a young age is amazing. From mucking her pony’s stall to grooming Olive, to cleaning her tack, there is nothing Charleigh says no to in regards to helping out around the barn.

I gave her one kiss and told her to have fun, watching as she entered the warm-up ring with her trainer, Jill. Within minutes she was kicking Olive around the ring in her Walk Trot Equitation class, a huge smile on her face that could seriously light up a room. There were four competitors in her class, all varying in age. Charleigh was the only one on a pony. She took second (shocker to me as she was kicking the crap out of Olive and not much was happening!).

Minutes later she was back in the ring for Walk Trot Hunter Hack (what a grown up name for a Walk/Trot class!). Olive moved forward more and each competitor was “tested,” asking their mounts to trot over two ground poles on the judge’s line. Charleigh got Olive going and the rest is history (or herstory). The three tied for first place.

The preparation and support from our barn family, Freestyling Farms, to pull off 10 minutes in the ring is outstanding. Charleigh told me as I put on her jodhpurs “Mommy, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life…” What can that mean when you’re only 5 1/2 years old? I don’t say that to doubt, only that I know how much Olive and her trainers mean to her. This year will be a big one for her no joke. Other “transitions” she’s made: She said good-bye to the rainbow crops and hello to a custom black crop from Signature Spurs; We have her 15″ Pessoa saddle for sale as Charleigh is now in a 15.5″ CWD (what a lucky kid!). Thanks so much for everyone’s support in getting her here and for everyone around the ring this afternoon who helped keep my nerves in check!

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