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Charleigh's Story

I have relied on horses to get me through the most difficult and transformative events in my lifeand have found safety and reflection in their unabashed honesty. Their gifts to me have been love, patience and guidance. The bonds I have shared with them have taught me the most valued life lessons: give more than take, trust the process and say “thank you.”These profound and enduring relationships have been built through communication and compassion and have come from much hard work and dedication.


Charleigh's Cookies evolved from my desire as a new mother to teach my daughter, Charleigh, about the power and joy of the horse / human connection – and my desire to provide nutritious, organic food.  When Charleigh was two years old, we started making wholesome, homespun horse treats for our horses. We poured, we scooped, we mixed together – and Charleigh's Cookies was born. Our horse treats are fresh, organic, with no sugars or preservatives,and our flavors are the natural tastes horses like. This healthful snack is our way to say thank youto these majestic creatures for allowing us to realize our own inner beauty and greatness.

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