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On December 23, 2017, my sweet daughter was baptized at St. Anselm Church by Deacon Bernie. We were surrounded by family and friends from out-of-state, to our loving barn family, to those who lived close by. Charleigh’s “fairy” god mother, Lauren Morlock, owner of Galleria Morusso (with husband Tony Russo), gave Charleigh this darling hand-carved cameo sterling silver necklace. Charleigh loves it and it hangs on her cross in her bedroom next to the shoes she wore that day and the holy water from our church.

I have realized that since transitioning to a supportive and loving Catholic school that Charleigh is incredibly spiritual. Her ability to conceptualize what is being taught in her classroom to her life and world events is far beyond her years.  She is the absolute joy in my life and I’m so proud of her commitment to be a child of God.

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